Dienstag, 31. Januar 2023

Payment associated to your account.

Hi there!
Unfortunately, I need to start our conversation with bad news for you.
Around few months back I managed to get full access to all devices of yours,
which are used by you on a daily basis to browse internet.

Afterwards, I could initiate monitoring and tracking of all your activities on the internet.

I am proud to share the sequence of how it happened:
In the past I bought from hackers the access to various email accounts (today, that is rather a simple thing to do online).
Clearly, it was not hard at all for me to log in to your email account (google1161.sommerberg@blogger.com).

A week after that, I had already managed to effortlessly install Trojan virus to Operating Systems of all devices that are currently in your use, and as result gained access to your email.
To be honest, that was not really difficult at all (because you were eagerly opening the links from your inbox emails).
I know, I am a genius. ^^

With help of that software, I can gain access to all controllers in your devices (such as video camera, keyboard and microphone).
As result, I downloaded to my remote cloud servers all your personal data, photos and other information including web browsing history.
Likewise, I have complete access to all your social networks, messengers, chat history, emails, as well as contacts list.
My intelligent virus unceasingly refreshes its signatures (due to its driver-based nature), and hereby stays unnoticed by your antivirus software.

Herbey, I believe that now you finally start realizing how I could easily remain unnoticed all this while until this very letter...
While collecting information related to you, I had also unveiled that you are a true fan of porn sites.
You truly enjoy browsing through adult sites and watching horny vids, while playing your dirty solo games.

Bingo! I also recorded several filthy scenes with you in the main focus and montaged some dirty videos, which demonstrate your passionate masturbation and cum sessions.

In case you still don't believe me, all I need is just one-two mouse clicks to make all your unmasking videos become available to your friends, colleagues, and even relatives.
Well, if you still doubt me, I can easily make recorded videos of your orgasms become a public.
I truly believe that you surely would avoid that from happening,
taking in consideration the type of the XXX videos you love watching, (you are clearly aware of what I mean) it will result in a huge disaster for you.

Well, there is still a way to settle this tricky situation in a peaceful manner:
You will need to transfer $960 USD to my account (refer to Bitcoin equivalent based on the exchange rate at the moment transfer),
so once funds transfer is complete, I will straight away proceed with deleting all that dirty content from servers once and for all.

Afterwards, you can consider that we never met before. You have my honest word, that all the harmful software will also be deactivated and deleted from all your devices currently in use.
Worry not, I keep my promises.
That is truly a win-win solution that comes at a relatively reduced cost, mostly knowing how much effort I spent on monitoring your profile and traffic for a considerably long time.
In event that you have no idea about means of buying and transferring bitcoins – don't hesitate to use any search engine for your assistance (e.g., Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.).

My bitcoin wallet is as follows: 19yaJM8qhsyXnwoQP7zQbMkqJStoMYxPmE

I have allocated 48 hours for you to do that, and the timer started right after you opened this very email (2 days to be exact).

Don't even think of doing anything of the following:
*Abstain from attempting to reply me (this email was created by me inside your inbox page and the return address was generated accordingly).
*Abstain from attempting to get in touch with police or any other security services. Moreover, don't even think of sharing this to you friends.
Once I discover this (apparently, that is absolutely easy for me, taking in consideration that I have complete control over all systems you use) - your kinky video will straight away be made public.
*Don't even think of attempting to find me – that is completely useless. Don't forget that all cryptocurrency transactions remain completely anonymous.
*Don't attempt reinstalling the OS on all your devices or getting rid of them. That won't lead you to success either, because I have already saved all videos at my remote servers as a backup.

Things you should not be concerned about:
*That your funds transfer won't reach my wallet.
- Worry not, I can see everything, hence after you finish the transfer, I will get a notification right away
(trojan virus of mine uses a remote-control feature, which functions similarly to TeamViewer).
*That I will still distribute your videos although you make the funds transfer.
- My word, I have no intention or interest in continuing making your life troublesome.
Anyway, If I truly wanted that, it would happen long time ago without me notifying you!

Everything can be settled in a peaceful and just way!
And lastly... make sure you don't get caught afterwards in such type of incidents anymore!
My fair advice – ensure you change all your passwords on a regular basis.

Samstag, 28. Januar 2023

Social media outlets differ from traditional media

Social media outlets differ from traditional media (e.g., print magazines and newspapers, TV, and radio broadcasting) in many ways, including quality, reach, frequency, usability, relevancy, and permanence. Additionally, social media outlets operate in a dialogic transmission system (i.e., many sources to many receivers) while traditional media outlets operate under a monologic transmission model (i.e., one source to many receivers). For instance, a newspaper is delivered to many subscribers, and a radio station broadcasts the same programs to an entire city.
Since the dramatic expansion of the Internet, digital media or digital rhetoric can be used to represent or identify a culture. Studying the rhetoric that exists in the digital environment has become a crucial new process for many scholars.

Observers have noted a wide range of positive and negative impacts when it comes to the use of social media. Social media can help to improve an individual's sense of connectedness with real or online communities and can be an effective communication (or marketing) tool for corporations, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, advocacy groups, political parties, and governments. Observers have also seen that there has been a rise in social movements using social media as a tool for communicating and organizing in times of political unrest.

Social media can also be used to read or share news whether it is true or false. With no real ability to distinguish between the two. It is down to the user of the platform to find the source reliable or not.

Sonntag, 15. Januar 2023

Dienstag, 10. Januar 2023

Leaked uncensored photos from your device are about to be shared to public.


I am a professional hacker and you were under my observation for quite some time now.
Nowadays, it is not really hard to organize, mostly for IT enthusiast like me.

You may be wondering, how did I manage to spy on you?
Well, there are plenty of harmful websites out there and it turns out that you like to visit them during your free time.
As result, my spyware has downloaded to your device. This spyware detects all image-format files on iOS devices (HEIF, HEVC or JPEG) as well as Android (JPEG, JPG or HEIC) devices.

The most interesting part is that whenever you connect to WIFI or to mobile network (3G/4G+/H+/LTE),
all your photos get quietly synchronized in silent mode to my own cloud storage.

I have collected sufficient content in order to share to public your undisguised photos in social networks,
like Instagram or Facebook in a form of new posts or news, or via personal messages of WhatsApp Viber, Telegram etc.

Hence, even if you delete those photos from your device, I still have got a copy of them in my cloud, so you won’t be able to delete them as well.

In order to avoid 🔥 YOUR UNCENSORED HOT NEWS 🔥 being shared to your contacts,
I can suggest a fair deal to you. This deal is valid within 72 hours.

Based on this deal, you need to transfer 1000 USD (in Bitcoin equivalent) to my bitcoin wallet and after that I will completely disappear from your life.

In event that you are still unaware about how to complete bitcoin funds transfer,
you can easily solve this issue by Googling "Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card or Debit Card" or something similar.

Besides that, there are plenty of P2P services that can transfer the required Bitcoin amount to my wallet in exchange for funds transfer from your bank card (Visa, MasterCard or Maestro).

Here is my Bitcoin address: 18bSTrufLfuvHwS7JYuF626MBGULSmxTgR

I really want to settle this situation in a peaceful manner and I believe you want that too.

Nothing personal, it is simply my job.
Make sure you use valid Antivirus software and stay away from unwanted websites.
Take care of yourself.

Sonntag, 8. Januar 2023


Hallo liefste,

Ik ben MacKenzie Scott Ex-vrouw van Amazon CEO en oprichter, ik doneer $ 4 miljard dollar aan goede doelen, individuen, hogescholen over de hele wereld vanuit Scott's foundation, om onmiddellijke steun te bieden aan mensen die economisch lijden onder de COVID-19-pandemie en jij ben een van de gelukkige winnaars, ik heb een donatiebeurs ter waarde van $ 100.800.000,00 dollar voor je, je kunt contact met me opnemen voor meer informatie als je geïnteresseerd bent.

MacKenzie Scott.