Donnerstag, 30. Oktober 2008

First snow

After the sunny weekend the weather turns cold and today the first snow has arrived. Not a lot admittedly but then it is still October, just.

Montag, 27. Oktober 2008


The weather is glorious over the weekend making it ideal for a trek to Gruenehuette. In fact the autumn weather seems to be an improvement on the summer. By mid morning Sunday the sun was strong enough to give a bit of a tan despite some wispy clouds. The warm weather may have just come too late however for edible mushrooms as they seemed to be very thin on the ground.

Sonntag, 5. Oktober 2008


Beer and music the hallmark of the Octoberfest arrives on Sommerberg over the weekend along with displays of chainsaw sculpting courtesey of Michael Tamoszus. Michael has produced a variety of impressive work much of it in the form of wild animals and birds so his website is well worth looking at:

Donnerstag, 2. Oktober 2008

Bergbahn illuminations

I must admit the idea of floodlights pointed at my windows throughout the night had me somewhat concerned. As it turns out the lights are soft and not too strong so that the lighting up of the Bergbahn building turns out to be quite attractive. Last year a floodlight positioned at the rear of the building and pointed towards the kitchen window completely destroyed the wonderful view of the Enztal that I had at night and I had visions of more of the same. Thankfully it was not the case this time.