Mittwoch, 20. März 2024

For your own safety, I highly recommend reading this email.

You are in big trouble.
However, don't panic right away. Listen to me first, because there is always a way out.

You are now on the radar of an international group of hackers, and such things never end well for anyone.
I'm sure you've heard of Anonymous. Well, compared to us, they are a bunch of schoolboys.
We are a worldwide network of several thousand professionals, each with their own role.

Someone hacks corporate and government networks, someone cooperates with intelligence agencies on the most delicate tasks,
and someone (including me) deals with people like you to maintain the infrastructure of our group.
"What kind of people like me?" - that is the question you are probably asking yourself now.

The answer is simple: people who like to watch highly controversial and, shall we say,
unconventional pornography on the internet that most normal people would consider perverted.
But not you!

In order to leave you without any doubts, I'll explain how I found it out.
Two months ago, my colleagues and I installed spyware software on your computer and then gained access to all of your devices, including your phone.
It was easy - one of those many pop-ups on porn sites was our work.

I think you already understand that we would not write to an ordinary man who watches "vanilla" and even hardcore porn - there is nothing special about that.
But the things you're watching are beyond good and evil.
So after accessing your phone and computer cameras, we recorded you masturbating to extremely controversial videos.
There is a close-up footage of you and a little square on the right with the videos you're pleasing yourself.
However, as I said earlier, there is always a way out, because even the most degraded sinner deserves leniency.
You are lucky today because I am not a sadist who enjoys other people's suffering.
Only money matters to me.

Here is your salvation: you must transfer $1490 in Bitcoin to this BTC cryptocurrency wallet: 13RuNi9xhDN5ngYy251h4WFDYoE3VA4kPJ

You have exactly 48 hours to make the payment, so think less, and do more.
As soon as I receive confirmation of the transaction, I will delete all compromising content and permanently disable our computer worm.
Believe me, I always abide by gentleman's agreements. Even with people who are hardly gentlemen. Because it's nothing personal, just business.

If I do not receive a payment, I will send all videos of you to every person in your contact list, messengers and email.
Relatives, loved ones, colleagues, friends-everyone you've ever been in contact with will receive them.
You understand perfectly well that you will never be able to wash this stain on your reputation.
Everyone will remember you as sick as fuck.
Your life will be completely ruined, and, most likely, only a tightened noose around your neck will be able to save the day.

If you haven't dealt with crypto before, I suppose it won't be difficult for you to figure it all out.
Simply type in the "crypto exchange" into the search bar and pay with a credit card. Besides, based on your browser history, you are a savvy user.
When you want to, you can dig into the darkest depths of the Internet, so I'm sure you will be able to find out what is what.

Here is what my colleagues and I should warn you against:
...Do not reply to this email. Do you really think we are so stupid to be tracked by an email address? This is a temporary disposable email.
As soon as I clicked "Send", it was gone for good.
...Forget about law-enforcement authorities. As soon as I see that you are trying to contact them, the compromising material will be published.
Remember, I have access to all your devices, and I can even track your movements.
...Do not reset your devices to factory settings and do not try to get rid of your devices.
It won't help in any way. Look above - my All-seeing eye is watching all your actions. It is easy to hunt you down.

I am sorry that we met in such circumstances. Probably, everything could be different if you had been more careful about what you are doing on the Internet.
Watch yourself from now on, because even such things that you previously considered insignificant can destroy your life in the future like a butterfly effect.
I hope this is goodbye forever. However, it depends on you.

P.S. The countdown is on. The choice is yours.

Donnerstag, 14. März 2024

Familiarize yourself with the factual points of your case.

Hello, my perverted friend,

Unfortunately, the fact that our paths have crossed doesn't mean anything good for you.
I have some good news and bad news.
I'll start with the bad news.

While you were surfing porn sites, I managed to install a spyware using your browser.
It has gained access to your webcam, your browser history, and all your devices, not just your computer.

This alone wouldn't be a problem if only I wasn't particularly interested in your love of the very controversial genre of pornography.
You know what I mean. I saved a backup copy of your webcam and screen recordings as you enjoy jerking off to these videos.
The video on the left shows a recording of your screen with the clip, while the one on the right shows you in real time.

There is no need to feel sorry for yourself or blame me for the situation - the fault here is yours alone because if you gaze into a dark abyss for too long,
this darkness eventually will come knocking at your door.
You should even be grateful to fate that I'm the only one who discovered your unhealthy obsession and not your friends, family and colleagues.

And this is where I get to the essence of my message - I can easily organize this. Everyone you know, love and cherish,
everyone you've spent years building your reputation as a respectable and honorable person in front of,
will get a copy of the video of you self-pleasing yourself while watching these controversial videos.

All of your email and messengers contacts will get these videos at the same time.
You will have nothing left but to move to another city, and perhaps even another country, to get rid of the sick guy trail that will be running behind you.
However, this also might not help. As they say, the Internet remembers everything.
There's a good chance you will have to deal with the consequences for the rest of your life, despite your efforts to clear your name.

Now, as I promised, the good news.
I have a win-win solution for both you and me.
You regain your old free life and I make a small profit.

You should transfer $1340 to my Bitcoin wallet: 17aB5wwDJ6EGdzzMgp3Y5deKCrqe7ga3qR

If you are unfamiliar with cryptocurrency, it's simple.
Type "crypto exchange" into the search engine and choose the option that suits you.
You can think of me as a kind of your life coach because if I didn't show up in your life,
you would continue to lead the same destructive lifestyle as before.
So I kind of did you a favor, and favors are never free.

I must warn you not to do something stupid that you might do due to your lack of experience, such as:
; Contacting law enforcement.
I'm untraceable anyway, because cryptocurrencies are anonymous and I have access to all your devices,
so as soon as I notice you trying to do something like this, the compromising clips will be made public.
; Negotiating with me by responding to this letter. My demands are ultimatums.
I generated this letter using your own email client, therefore it is impossible to contact me!
; Resetting, reinstalling your system or destroying your devices won't help you.
I repeat: I have access to them and if I notice such activity, hasta la vista, baby.

I wish you all the best and especially get rid of your "interesting" habits.
Then you will not only no longer encounter people like me, but you will also be able to reach a new quality level in your self-development.


P.S. A little friendly advice: from now on, take what you do online more seriously.