Mittwoch, 5. November 2008

Misty morning

A sea of mog hangs over the Enz valley this morning. Black Forest trees line the horizon and above the sky is a clear dark blue. Its pretty warm too and a perfect day for a walk. Congratulations to BO.

Donnerstag, 30. Oktober 2008

First snow

After the sunny weekend the weather turns cold and today the first snow has arrived. Not a lot admittedly but then it is still October, just.

Montag, 27. Oktober 2008


The weather is glorious over the weekend making it ideal for a trek to Gruenehuette. In fact the autumn weather seems to be an improvement on the summer. By mid morning Sunday the sun was strong enough to give a bit of a tan despite some wispy clouds. The warm weather may have just come too late however for edible mushrooms as they seemed to be very thin on the ground.

Sonntag, 5. Oktober 2008


Beer and music the hallmark of the Octoberfest arrives on Sommerberg over the weekend along with displays of chainsaw sculpting courtesey of Michael Tamoszus. Michael has produced a variety of impressive work much of it in the form of wild animals and birds so his website is well worth looking at:

Donnerstag, 2. Oktober 2008

Bergbahn illuminations

I must admit the idea of floodlights pointed at my windows throughout the night had me somewhat concerned. As it turns out the lights are soft and not too strong so that the lighting up of the Bergbahn building turns out to be quite attractive. Last year a floodlight positioned at the rear of the building and pointed towards the kitchen window completely destroyed the wonderful view of the Enztal that I had at night and I had visions of more of the same. Thankfully it was not the case this time.

Montag, 29. September 2008


Kinetic sculptures in the sky

Sonntag, 28. September 2008

Neues Logo bei Nacht - Ferienwohnungen ab 35,- €

Unser neues Logo (danke Jan!) wirbt für unsere zwei neuen Ferienwohnungen.

Freitag, 26. September 2008

Wandbild - artscreen II

Artscreen II nears completion and hopefully will soon be installed. For the record each 9m x 4m screen uses about 15 litres of acrylic paint and several rolls of kitchen tissue paper. The thin layer of tissue paper is impregnated with acrylic paint on both sides to ensure that it has a good grip on the material and this creates the silhouette effect that is best seen at night when it is back lit. Other than that it is a relatively simple process that only requires a bit of time and patience.

Donnerstag, 18. September 2008


This spacious holiday apartment in Sommerberg village can now be rented. It is located not far from the well-known Ski-Hutte restaurant where there is a ski lift servicing a short downhill piste. Cross-country skiing is also big up here at 750 meters altitude with plenty of well-marked routes. We just need a bit of snow and the present temperatures suggest we will not have to wait too long this year. This unique apartment is fully furnished with satellite TV and many unusual features including a garden that drops down into the Enz valley. Apart from central heating the large lounge has an open fire which makes it very cosy as the nights draw in. Down the road is the Sommerberg bergbahn funicular, which takes you on a spectacular 6-minute ride down into Bad Wildbad Spa town where there are all manner of health facilities.

For more information contact the Sommerberg-Hotel. (contact info soon)

Dienstag, 16. September 2008

Frischer Zwiebelkuchen und Federweißer

Der goldene Herbst erreicht den Sommerberg. Die Nächte werden länger, das Wetter wird rauher, die Blätter färben sich bunt und verwandeln den Schwarzwald in ein Farbenmeer. Warmer Zwiebelkuchen und neuer Wein laden zum Verweilen ein!
täglich von 11:00 bis 18:00 geöffnet

For the English speaking, Zweibelkuchen can be translated as onion pie or cake and is traditionally served in this region in autumn with new wine. Zweibelkuchen is similar to Quiche but made mainly from onions. New wine is sweet and has more in common with fruit juice than wine but beware there is still plenty of alcohol in it. Come and try it here in the Sommerberg Hotel.
Open daily from 11:00 to 18:00

Montag, 15. September 2008

Speisekarte einmal anders

Die letzten Wochen hatte das Restaurant 'Gute Laune' auf der Karte. Der Berg wird immer lebendiger.

Dank unseren Großflächen Druckprofis Nadine, Heinrich und Eugen nimmt unser neues Beschilderungssystem immer mehr Form an. Hier wird gerade unser erstes Schild für die Infohütte aufgezogen.

Donnerstag, 11. September 2008

Sculptures - Skulpturen

Apart from pottery and ceramics it is also planned to display sculptures in and around the Sommerberg Hotel such as the one shown above. The GaleriaVista project which was originally housed in the old Halter institute building will eventually be moving into the hotel in a new exhibition space of approximately 300sqm where there will also be a café and reading room.

Mittwoch, 10. September 2008

Sonnenuntergang am Kaltenbronn

Auf über 1000 m Höhe gibt es einen wunderbaren Sonnenuntergang über dem Rheintal und den Vogesen im Elsaß. Durch den Naturpark Schwarzwald Mitte-Nord wandert man am Wildsee Moor vorbei ca. 12 km zum Sommerberg

Sonntag, 7. September 2008

Historisches Teinacher Mineralwasser

Im Restaurant schenken wir natürlich unsere Nordschwarzwälder Spezialitäten Teinacher und Hirschquelle (wie meine 99igjährige Tante Mina aus Bad Herrenalb schon sagte, mit der wird man 100 Jahre alt!) Nun habe ich im Fundus 3 mindestens 30 Jahre alte, original abgefüllte und versiegelte (!!) Flaschen Teinacher gefunden! Das läßt das Sammlerherz höher schlagen!

Samstag, 6. September 2008


Bayrisches Brauchtum hält durch Josef Ecker Einzug auf dem Sommerberg.
21 begeisterte Hobbyjodler wurden in die Geheimnisse des Gipfeljodlers, Almjodlers und des Gstanzl'n eingeführt.


The Töpferhaus Hasenmühle have just finished putting up their market stall on the forecourt of the Sommerberg Hotel. The stall will be there over the next few weeks so anyone interested in traditional ceramic crockery, Rommertopfs or decoration pottery should take a look. There are plenty of interesting items to be found and lots of special offers too. Not interested in ceramics?? Then just come up for a cup of coffee and admire the breathtaking view of the Enz valley from 730 meters altitude. We look forward to seeing you.
Töpfermarkt vor dem Sommerberg Hotel
Das Töpferhaus Hasenmühle hat für die nächsten sechs Wochen seine Zelte auf dem Sommerberg aufgeschlagen. Es wird Steingut- & Steinzeugkeramik, sowie Hochleistungskeramik CERAM2000 aus den verschiedensten Flecken Deutschlands bis hin aus dem wunderschönen Elsass angeboten. Ein Besuch wird zum Erlebniseinkauf - und mit einem gemütlichen Aufenthalt und einmaliger Aussichtslage auf unserer 730 Meter hohen Terrasse zu einem unvergesslichen Tag! Wir freuen uns auf Sie!

Freitag, 5. September 2008

Inoffizielle Logopräsentation

Das neue Sommerberg-Hotel Logo schleicht sich ganz leise auf dem Berg ein.
Unsere Gäste parken gratis (die öffentlichen Parkplätze kosten 3,- € am Tag) auf unseren neu beschilderten Stellplätzen an der Auffahrt zum Sommerberg.

Donnerstag, 4. September 2008

Wandbild - Artscreen II

The second version of the Artscreen gets underway and will feature the old Sommerberg Hotel and outdoor activities typical to Sommerberg. Hopefully it will be finished by the end of September and will be hung in the recess to the right of the first Artscreen. Painting the screen is a slow process because the silhouettes are created by impregnating tissue paper with black acrylic paint. This ensures that when the semi-transparent screen is backlit the silhouettes are clearly visible.

Mittwoch, 3. September 2008


After a poor mushroom season last year up on the hill it looks like being a bumper one this year. There are already plenty to be found in various shapes and sizes and if you know where to look edible ones too. The image shows two different types found on the zigzag path yesterday between Sommerberg and Bad Wildbad.

Sonntag, 31. August 2008


Menu ideas

Although still in development the new Sommerberg-Hotel logo nears completion along with various graphics for menus, signs and letterheads. The logo depicts, depending on your interpretation, the sun rising over the Black Forest horizon or over a sleeping figure, a sunflower in full bloom, a scenic view symbol or compass bearings. Take your pick or create your own.

Samstag, 30. August 2008

"Kleine Aussicht"

Die neue Terrasse ist fast fertig! Dank Thommy's Sonderschicht und der tollen Pflanzen vom Bodensee haben wir heute die ersten Gäste empfangen! Jeder Schritt bringt uns weiter.

Donnerstag, 28. August 2008

Terrasse - Kleine Aussicht

Endlich wird die Terrasse 'Zur kleinen Aussicht' mit Platten belegt. Ab dem Wochenende werden wir die ersten Gäste unseren neuen Treppenaufgang benutzen lassen. Schneller Durchgang zum Blick ins Tal.

Freitag, 22. August 2008

Kurz nach Halb 5 im Urwald

Dank Thomas hat eine super Pflanzensammlung ihren Weg auf den Berg gefunden!

Donnerstag, 21. August 2008

Ihre Ferienwohnung im Sommerberg-Hotel

Die ersten 10 Ferienwohnungen stehen für private Investoren zum Verkauf. Zwei Zimmer, Küche, Bad mit zwei Balkonen und traumhaftem Blick auf Bad Wildbad und das Enztal! Für Sie frisch renoviert, neue Heizung, neue Fenster, neues Elektrisch, saubere Einzelabrechnung. Jetzt zum Vorzugspreis in die Entwicklung des Sommerberg-Areals einsteigen.
Jeden Sonntag ab 11 Uhr oder nach Vereinbarung Schautag in unserer Musterwohnung.

Dienstag, 19. August 2008

Local News

After a short summer break I return to save the blog from an early demise. The local Enztaeler Newspaper has written a short piece on the Sommerberg Hotel describing the plans for the coming year. The Hotel complex will become a self-contained holiday village with 25 rooms and 10 flats. The first show flat can already be viewed by appointment. Pictured above is the old wooden Sommerberg Hotel which burnt down in 1961. The artscreen is also pictured and gets a brief mention.

Samstag, 9. August 2008

Wandbild die II

Unser Wandbild ist kurzfristig abgehängt worden. Bessere Befestigung und eine leichte Überarbeitung durch Jan haben uns zum Handeln gezwungen. Morgen werde ich mich wieder in halsbrecherische Höhe auf die Leiter begeben und das Leitbild für den Naturpark wieder hissen!

Montag, 4. August 2008

Historisches Sommerberg Hotel

Bei den Vorbereitungen für den neuen Saal/ Erlebnisseinkauf im Erdgeschoss, bin ich auf ein weiteres historisches, beleuchtetes Relikt gestoßen. Die Detailverliebtheit des Architektenpaares.Schmohl läßt grüßen..

Dienstag, 29. Juli 2008


elusive butterflies

It’s muggy today as I wander through the forest. There are Peacock, Brimstone and Red Admiral butterflies about but they are all on the small side and flit nervously about tantalizing me. Finally I have to make do with a small brown Speckled Wood butterfly which did oblige by taking a short break. There are many small white, yellow, and purple wildflowers to be seen but not the sort that attract butterflies it would seem. It is still rather early for mushroom picking but I did come across this champignon-like mushroom, which I suspect, was poisonous.


After a reasonably sunny day yesterday but for a brief storm in the afternoon the sun finally sets on Sommerberg at 20:45. The summer seems to be later this year. Apart from ferns, which are silently invading some forest tracks, compared to last year there is a dearth of flora, wildflowers and insects.

Montag, 28. Juli 2008


Thomas our technical expert worked like crazy the last few days but still found time to update the artscreen backlighting by adding a mirror. The visual effect is much improved so that the impact the artscreen lacks during the day is more than made up for at night. Thanks Thomas! Work has also started on a second artscreen which features the old Sommerberg hotel and will hopefully be ready by the end of August.

Mittwoch, 23. Juli 2008

Wandbild by night!

Die erste Nachtbeleuchtung haben wir entspannt mit einem Gläschen Rotwein, Kerzenschein und dem "besten Käse der Welt" begrüßt! (Cheddar Cheese)

Wildflowers galore

The roundabout to Sommerberg in Bad Wildbad caught my attention the other day with its incredible display of wild flowers, the like of which I have rarely seen before.


Ein Riesenlob an Jan Fellstrom, das erste unserer zwei Großbilder hängt! Seine Kreativität, sein Enthusiasmus und seine Zielstrebigkeit beflügeln mich. DANKE!!
Das Sommerberg-Areal entwickelt sich weiter zu einem kulturellen Highlight im Nordschwarzwald.
Ein besonderer Platz für neue Ideen. Wir laden kreative Querdenker ein uns bei der Neugestaltung unserer Heimat zu begleiten!
Sie haben kreative Ideen die im Freien ausgestellt werden? Wir haben das Forum.

Restaurant Sommerberg Hotel - Flammkuchen Gourmet

Ein neuer Genuß, mit Lachs, Spinat und Käse.
Bald geht das neue, monatliche Kochbuch vom Sommerberg Hotel online. Regionale Spezialitäten zum selbst kochen.

Dienstag, 22. Juli 2008

Wandbild - Artscreen installation

Pensive looks from Herr Eckert and Denis as we begin the complex task of unfolding and fixing the artscreen while at the same time dismantling the scaffolding.

1,2,3 hey presto … Despite the difficult task, 3 hours later it is installed without any major mishaps thanks mainly to Herr Eckert, Denis, Zeno, Uwe, Michael and Tilman. This was by far the most challenging phase of the whole project and I would like to thank all involved who helped make it a succcess. The next step will be to backlight the artscreen with floodlights so that the full effect of the silhouettes can be seen at night.

Sonntag, 20. Juli 2008

Wandbild - Artscreen

The artscreen is finally completed and installing it should happen Tuesday. Next to the screen there will be an information plaque explaining how it was created and naming all the wildlife silhouettes.

Samstag, 19. Juli 2008

Kunstag - Artday

Tilman models a clay house for a project under the guidance of student Frau Liebhaber.

Dramatic acrylic paintings by Christine Fluhrer, inspired by the bergbahn, have a unique style.

Nicole Höger demonstrates the art of printmaking using a technique called ‘monotyping’

As part of the Bergbahn centinary celebrations art students from the International Hochschule Calw in Bad Wildbad spent the day in the Sommerberg bergbahn station demonstrating their artistic skills to visitors.

Link to school

Redstart chicks

Redstarts are breeding like crazy up on the hill. The lefthand picture shows five chicks that flew their nest in the Sommerberg Hotel some weeks ago and now a new brood has appeared (see righthand picture). Maybe the spring-like weather is the reason.

Freitag, 18. Juli 2008

Wandbild - Artscreen

The artscreen will probably now be installed next week as the weekend weather looks unpredictable and there are also still some last minute finishing touches to be done.

Donnerstag, 17. Juli 2008


Scene from the Sommerberg Hotel terrace. Rain clouds fill the Enztal valley today but it should improve a bit over the next couple of days.

Montag, 14. Juli 2008

Wandbild - Artscreen

A worms-eye view of the first screen nearing completion. We plan to install it on Sunday, weather permitting. Eventually it will be backlit at night giving it a new dimension that will hopefully help improve the local environment.


Das Gerüst zum Aufhängen unseres ersten Großbildes steht bereit.
Die Reaktionen auf die Renovierung der Fassade sind geteilt, von skeptischen Blicken bis begeistertem Applaus, alles drin! Ich freu mich auf die Reaktionen auf unser Wandbild! ;-)

Donnerstag, 10. Juli 2008


The last couple of days have been wet, cool and cloudy. Last night on an evening walk through the forest I pass the ants nest that I have documented since the start of May. It is beginning to take shape now though it is still far from the majestic mound that it was last summer. Apart from the hum of the toiling ants and the odd bird-call the forest is unusually quiet. I get the feeling that summer has yet to get going properly or maybe it's because I spend most of the day eyes fixed to the floor painting a large mural.

Samstag, 5. Juli 2008

Blue sky

Another fine day at the mill...