Dienstag, 10. Januar 2023

Leaked uncensored photos from your device are about to be shared to public.


I am a professional hacker and you were under my observation for quite some time now.
Nowadays, it is not really hard to organize, mostly for IT enthusiast like me.

You may be wondering, how did I manage to spy on you?
Well, there are plenty of harmful websites out there and it turns out that you like to visit them during your free time.
As result, my spyware has downloaded to your device. This spyware detects all image-format files on iOS devices (HEIF, HEVC or JPEG) as well as Android (JPEG, JPG or HEIC) devices.

The most interesting part is that whenever you connect to WIFI or to mobile network (3G/4G+/H+/LTE),
all your photos get quietly synchronized in silent mode to my own cloud storage.

I have collected sufficient content in order to share to public your undisguised photos in social networks,
like Instagram or Facebook in a form of new posts or news, or via personal messages of WhatsApp Viber, Telegram etc.

Hence, even if you delete those photos from your device, I still have got a copy of them in my cloud, so you won’t be able to delete them as well.

In order to avoid 🔥 YOUR UNCENSORED HOT NEWS 🔥 being shared to your contacts,
I can suggest a fair deal to you. This deal is valid within 72 hours.

Based on this deal, you need to transfer 1000 USD (in Bitcoin equivalent) to my bitcoin wallet and after that I will completely disappear from your life.

In event that you are still unaware about how to complete bitcoin funds transfer,
you can easily solve this issue by Googling "Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card or Debit Card" or something similar.

Besides that, there are plenty of P2P services that can transfer the required Bitcoin amount to my wallet in exchange for funds transfer from your bank card (Visa, MasterCard or Maestro).

Here is my Bitcoin address: 18bSTrufLfuvHwS7JYuF626MBGULSmxTgR

I really want to settle this situation in a peaceful manner and I believe you want that too.

Nothing personal, it is simply my job.
Make sure you use valid Antivirus software and stay away from unwanted websites.
Take care of yourself.

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